The Hot hack

This is one of the most popular hacks used by the models when they hit the gym regularly, watch their diet, become “hot” in the eyes of the world and they post reveling photos of themselves.

This hack woks perfectly if you have a closet friend who can take photos of you with a high-end camera.

The Hot Content hack

As the previous one, the gym here is one the necessities so you should hit the gym regularly, develop expertise in a specific content topic, post revealing photos of yourself and your content, this hack is very useful if you are more interested in topics like travel, fashion, nutrition, yoga, life, coaching and fitness.

The Curator hack

To be honest with you, this strategy is the easiest way to get unlimited content and followers.
This hack, it’s based on following several great accounts with valuable content, choose their best posts and put them in your feed with a credit to the source… as we mention in the first this hack ensures that you will have an unlimited supplier of great content.

The Fan page hack

This Instagram hack, it’s consumed by the big pages on other platforms as Facebook, but still have a lot of potential on Instagram, here you should choose carefully a topic that many peoples are interested in with a reasonable size fan base, post content and photos on that topic continuously.

Topic ideas range from popular musicians, actors, celebrities to cute animals like the cats and dogs.

The Multi-platform hack

Build an audience on another social platform. After you build a large and loyal following, start posting on Instagram. Tell your audience from your main platform to follow you on Instagram.

The Celebrity hack

Work as an actor for a few decades. Star in major movies and television shows. Build international super stardom, then start posting on Instagram. (Jennifer Aniston used this hack to reach 1 million followers in 5 hours 16 minutes.)

The Time machine hack

Go back in time to when the Instagram algorithm was different. It was easier to get followers in the past.